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UFloatz™ is an innovative and proprietary digital platform – like Airbnb for boats.  It is also a social and B2C commerce platform, changing the way we utilize services and tourism in the marine sector.

The UFloatz™ Platform is a free to list and register digital platform, creating a community that offers affordable boating access to people without boats, and for boat owners to subsidise fees, by renting to people who would love to be on the water.  The platform has unique proprietary elements to protect assets and recreational boaters, whilst providing multi-source revenue streams across international jurisdictions. It also provides a seamless, stress free experience between boat owners and professional service providers.


Boat Owners

Based in Australia, with representation opportunities in Europe and the Americas, the platform will incorporate maintenance and general boat services for streamlined marine commerce, all the way from stem to stern, as well as providing proprietary umbrella insurance, assisting with purchases, to seamless sales and everything in between, all done through a comprehensive information logging system.

​ The first UFloatz™ product to be launched will be ‘UFloatz™ Bedz on Boats’ and ‘UFloatz™ Weekend on the Water’. These are products where the boat doesn’t leave the marina or mooring, but renters can enjoy the unique experience of being ‘on the water’. Owners control the rental in the same way Airbnb hosts do; welcoming and familiarising the renter with the utilities on the boat.

Through these outlets owners can subsidise the expensive cost of maintaining and mooring their asset, as well as opening themselves to exciting future opportunities with the UFloatz™ Group.

Service Providers

The UFloatz™ Platform will bring together the entire global marine community by listing service providers. Boat brokers, boat mechanics, boat lifters, detailing firms, etc, will be listed in the city where they are located, allowing local boat owners to access the best and most suitable provider in a hassle free process.

The interactions between service providers and boat owners will be seamless, with all information uploaded to the UFloatz™ comprehensive information logging system and updated with each transaction.

Professionalism and quality are part of our morals, so holding people accountable for their work will be done through a ratings system with each transaction. This will also be accompanied by a payment system that allows safe and easy transfers for services rendered.

If you're a service provider - you don't want to miss this opportunity to be listed on the UFloatz™ Platform.


Bedz On Boats

Rest assured that UFloatz™ has proprietary umbrella (fully comprehensive) insurance to completely cover you.

If you're looking to have a family staycation on a boat or a romantic getaway, or a one day fun day register your details below.  You will have access to a catalogue of exclusive boats available in every city, so you can choose the right boat for your next weekend getaway!


UFloatz™ IS COMING SOON...........  Register and Join The Community Today!

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